Following are some of our operational efficiency improvement products which will help customers in their day to day business.

Discrete Manufacturing: Based on Dynamics NAV

Engineering Change Management for Microsoft Dynamics NAV handles different type of engineering change requests like bill of material, routing, and production orders on the shop floor this solution will update the change requests in the system automatically through workflow which helps in reducing re-work and scrap. This Module has been completely integrated with Dynamics NAV Manufacturing.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) has been developed within NAV which automates the shop floor activities like employee time and attendance, production data by giving accurate and detailed insight into production environment, this add on solution is completely integrated with Dynamics NAV Manufacturing. Read More

Distribution: Based on Dynamics NAV

This Add-on Solution is built based on Dynamics NAV Warehouse Management Module using the ADCS Toolkit, This Solution enables accurate data to be captured in real time through Mobile scanners and printers in a warehouse or multiple warehouses, The data collection process becomes faster and the accuracy of Inventory data is Increased, along with various warehouse efficiency improvements in Receiving, Put-away, Picking, Stocking and Packing. This module has proven with our customers that it can reduce Inventory carrying costs and helps in improving fulfillment operations and measures warehouse employee efficiency with metrics and dashboards and not to mention making the warehouse operations paperless. Read More

We have partnered with shipping carriers like FedEx, UPS and USPS and developed web based Automated shipping solutions based on Microsoft.Net framework, These carrier based solutions are fully integrated with Dynamics NAV, This solution does provide Shipping Rate Calculation from Sales Order to Packing and Tracking information at the package level with the contents of the package, This solution works for small packages as well as LTL packages, we have graphical representation of shipping metrics for smart decision making.

Works with Dynamics NAV and integrated at the Sales Quotes and Orders, this solutions helps customers from shipping products to wrong addresses and processing returns and re-ships, The Address is validated at the street level for address accuracy, It works on Google and USPS address validation, Our distribution customers have reduced almost 10% of Shipping errors caused by incorrect addresses and were able to correct the address before the product is shipped.

This Add on facilitates organized examination of items received This solution works for Product Receiving department, It creates the Inspection List based on Receipt Lots from receiving point which will allow the Quality control personal to Inspect the lots by Inspection Plans, parameters and sub-parameters pre-defined in the system. This Module is integrated with Dynamics NAV Purchasing, Warehousing and Manufacturing. Read More

This Add on Solution provides a full Structured, Closed loop process for counting, reconciling and updating Inventory. This will generate Inventory Tags for each Location, Control Table and Work Center, Assign Tags to employees for physical count, Create physical Inventory cards, Data reconciliation, Data Auditing, Allows closing the physical Inventory year and posting Adjustments. This Module is integrated with Dynamics NAV Warehouse Management and WMS.

Add on Solution for Microsoft Dynamics which allows generating Barcode based labels for receiving, stocking, picking and shipping. This solution allows multiple Barcode options for a product by manufacturer and tracked from receiving to Inventory to shipping.

We have two add on solutions for integrating E-Commerce solutions with Dynamics NAV, one is based on Microsoft.Net framework and other is based on Magento Enterprise our customers are using these solutions and have seen the difference of operating with disperse systems earlier when compared to Integrated systems provided by VLC who has the knowledge of E-Commerce and ERP systems required for growing enterprises.

Go deep into database changes with a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Change Log History Management implementation from VLC. An add-on to Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the Change Log History Management extension tracks the changes users make to the database, giving your administrators the knowledge they need to maintain database performance. Read More

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