Fulfillment for NAV helps to integrate your magento business store with Microsoft Dynamics NAV using Magento API. It provides an automated integration for synchronizing orders, items/products, customers/contacts, prices and inventory. Developed using web services, a product change in NAV such as a category or product synchronize happens in real time in Magento. Updates take seconds rather than minutes or hours based on scheduled Jobs.

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a order management, shipping, accounting and manufacturing solution used by small, medium and enterprise level companies.

Once you are setup with Fulfillment for NAV extension, every Magento related product, customer, customer address and order is synchronized automatically.

Most of the systems does not provide you the ability to send customer, customer address, product and order information in real time and manually. To overcome these obstacles Fulfillment for NAV provides the ability to send all the synchronized information in both real time and manual process.

This product has been developed and is supported by a partner developer

Features List

Setup can be made simple and easy. The easy setup structure allows you to start using Fulfillment for NAV extension immediately without wasting of time hours, days. Our well defined documentation on Fulfillment for NAV extension allows you to configure or setup simple and easy.

All key data i.e. Products, prices, stock, orders, customers, customer addresses is synchronized automatically between both systems.

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With our well defined standard levels of coding allows you to use in community or enterprise edition

Irrespective of your Magento installation is running on https/SSL, the data between the ERP system and Magento will also go over this encrypted connection, the communication is done via a secured token between both the systems to identify each channel. Making the data synchronization and transition between ERP and a Magento web store absolutely anonymous and secure.

The information provided by the ERP system will be received by the website (and vice versa) right as it was given. Any error occurred can be traced easily by our helpful provided error logs in Magento and communication log entries in Microsoft Dynamics Navision.

Due to the independence of Magento website and ERP system, any breakdown occurred at any side does not influence the other

Modules Synchronization

If any new item simple or configurable is added in Microsoft Dynamics Navision it will be automatically sends to Magento. The all attributes including SKU, name, price, description, stock and any other custom added attribute in both sides.

If any new order placed in Magento, the order will be automatically sends to Microsoft dynamics Navision in real time. If any network or unexpected error occurred in synchronization the admin user can resend the order to Navision to make sure the order being received by Navision. Generally orders placed in web store only so for orders we have enabled synchronization from Magento to Navision only.

Customers is the most important data in ERP. Any new customer created in Navision or Magento will be sync automatically. And also updates made to the customers will be sent automatically to match the records in real time.

Customers may have more than one address including billing address and shipping address. Any new address added to the customer will be sent to the other side. And if the customer changes his/her default billing address or default shipping address can be synchronized in real time.

Note: The manual process of sending data create/update based on setup or defined attribute for each module i.e. customer, customer address and product.

IMPORTANT! Customization required on the ERP side:

This software does NOT integrate directly into the Microsoft dynamics Navision system. Microsoft dynamics Navision provider needs to implement the option to read/write the required files/data to/from the Navision system. An experienced Microsoft Dynamics NAV developer would typically spend 2-3 days to automatically extract product data, order import and customers information setup. You need to talk to our ERP supplier and show the full integration documentation. Then you'll get a price quote from us to estimate the total cost.

Open source:

The software is 100% open source, making it easy to customize.

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